Tragedy after tragedy has befallen jusTed. Our Original drummer disappeared in a single engine Cessna airplane crash in the Florida Everglades just days before a show in St. Louis. After surviving the initial crash it was reported he was eaten by alligators. His Body has never been recovered.
Then our 2nd tragedy in as many months. Just days before our next show in St. Louis our guitar player was in a tragic automobile accident and is in a drug induced coma. We don't know if he will ever recover.
Our last show at St Louis went great and I had thought we had broken the jusTed curse when the latest tragedy to befall jusTed happened. Our bass player decided to take a trip to New Orleans for a couple days. While he was there, for some reason, he decided to take a drive to the Ocean. After arriving he reportedly drove up to the beach and ran from his car jumped in the water and swam out a few hundred feet, When a speed boat ran over him. He was still alive trying to swim back to shore when sharks, that were attracted by the huge amount of blood dragged him under. The body has not been recovered. 
Let's all raise our glasses and toast jusTeds fallen comrades. I know they would want the show to go on. I want to say goodby to my fallen band mates 

After these last few months I was beginning to believe that all of our bad luck was behind us when today I was met with the latest tragedy in the jusTed saga. Our latest guitarist is missing and presumed dead. He was a great humanitarian who decided to go to Africa and assist in the Ebola outbreak. It was reported that while in a remote jungle village a pride of lions attracted the smell of dead Ebola victims entered the village and surrounded the villagers when he heroically stepped from the middle of the crowd and shouted something at the lions and then ran into the jungle followed by the entire pride. He single handedly saved over 30 villagers but has not been seen since. All our prayers go out to this hero.You will be missed.